Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Nothing like taking advantage of a little down time....

So I'm traveling along and POP...

Why is it that I'm independent, not afraid to adventure out. .... Not afraid to try something new..... But the minute I have car issues...  I turn into a meek and mild person who has no clue what to do!!  Oh wait, I know what to do... 

I call my husband.....lol.   As I was dialing I was reaching for my AAA card.   He's my security blanket!!

So he calms me down I place my call.  Only frustrating part is the lady on the phone wanted to know what city I was in.  Had she asked for the state.... I could of told her...... State of confusion!!   After going around with her for a few minutes a nice Oak Hill police man pulled up..    Shew ..  I was in Oak Hill!!!   

She said she'd make it a priority and we hung up.  The police man offered to wIt but I told him I was ok.  Really I just wanted to get back in my car and call my security blanket!!  Which I did and again he soothed my nerves.... Enough that I said I wanted to hang up and do my blog..

Heck I had stopped at a quilt shop so no better time than the present to tell about it!!

They are participating in the row.....

I was met by Linda with a big smile and a friendly hello!!

I explained my mission and she got me all set.  What a lovely shop!!!  A must visit if you are in Waynesburg!!   Just a few minutes off 79!!  I didn't even feel like I went out of my way!!

The row us to the left and the qut hanging there was made by Linda's Geandmother.  This quilt was the inspiration for the name of her shop!!  

That quilt is beautiful and you could feel the love from it!!

Here's Linda showing me the row.

Some of her shop

Loved that quilt!!

Here's my goodie bag...... 

Yes there's two Lexington mini charms....ones for my bestie!!

Here's the tow truck .. Got to run!!!

Happy Sewing!!!


Monday, July 28, 2014

From Hershey to Charolette

So....I'm home from Hershey...worked day job today and now I'm home finished packing, finished a customer quilt and watching the Bachelorette.  I know...not the most educational show on TV...but for some crazy reason...I like watching it....so will it be Josh or Nick....my thoughts say Nick....I guess another hour will tell!!

Anyways....back to my adventure....I told my family to thaw something and I'll cook dinner tonight...well BONUS...they picked steak and my husband is the griller...so I threw some potatoes in aluminum foil and poooooffff   my "making dinner" job was done!!

So that left time for some longarming....I love to long arm!!  I finished this table runner for Vicki.  I love using MonoPoly thread and doing the paisley!!



Even the back is awesome!!

So before I depart for the next show....let's wrap up the Hershey Quilt Odyssey Show.   It was a blast!!  I was thrilled to hear Sue Patton was teaching there!!

As you can see I ran into her and we had a nice chat!!  I sooooo hope that I get to take one of her classes some day!!  She is Phenomenal!!!

So how about the quilts at the show.....


This is Renae Haddadin and Karen Kay Buckley's quilt Majestic Mosaic!!  It won first place in the two person quilt category.....and I'd like to add...it was quilted on an Innova!!!

The tiny stitches she did is breath taking!!  The little feathers are like a quarter inch!  Karen's  piecing is also breath taking!!  WTG Ladies!!!  Congrats!!

These pictures don't do it justice!!

Here's Jan Hutchison's quilt....it also was done with an Innova!


Some day......well a girl can dream can't she!

Here's some of my other favorites!!


And there were enty if venders!!


Here's my buddies from the booth...I met Liz and Allison at this show.  Two of the nicest people I've met!  And talented.....I love surrounding me with all this talent...hope some of it rubs off!! 

This is Allison .   Fun fun fun..  She races a mean saddle chair (Facebook fans know what this means)

Liz, Michelle, and Valerie..... Again.... Talent and fun!!!    

Lastly.... We volunteered to quilt the charity quilts they were making in the hall.   What an awesome idea !!  People could stop by a sew a little or sew a lot.  

Our whole booth got into this.. We all took turns quilting them and even some of the quilters who stopped by our booth took a turn quilting them.

This is Sue and I as I handed off another bunch of completed quilts.

Ok...... Need to get some sleep.. I start my journey to the Charolette AQS show!!!!

If you go to the show..  Find the Innova booth and say hi!!!!

Happy sewing!!!


Saturday, July 26, 2014

Anyone up for a giveaway???

Good Morning from Hershey!!!

As I checked my facebook and blog this morning, I noticed I have 75 likes.....25 more and I'll be at 100!!  Yes I can do math at 8am.....but don't ask me to do math at 8pm....whole other story!! 

That got me percolating....I should do a giveaway at 100 likes.....

So....if you haven't joined the fun on my facebook page....come on over and like it!!   If you have joined it....tell your quilting friends!!!  www.facebook.com/tadaquilting!!

I'm going to try to look around at the show today and see what idea or goodie I can come up with!!

BTW....this show is awesome....if you have never been here...you need to think about attending in the future!!  Today, I'm hoping to get some pictures to share with you all!!  I did see one of my favorite longarmer's yesterday and will post about that later!!  Life is GOOD!!!!

Told ya I had Chocolate!!!!

I am sharing.... As hard as that is. :)

Happy Saturday everyone!!


Friday, July 25, 2014

What's Better than this???

So here I sit ....in my hotel waiting for the new day to begin!!  Semi well rested from all the traveling...but on a high from all the excitement!!

I arrived at Hershey yesterday about noon.  I go to the Innova Booth and it was jammed packed with people.  No time for hello's....just jumped in and started talking with people.  I just love talking (could stop the sentence there...hehe) to people about longarming and the Innova!!    

Once the crowd settled down a little it was time for hugs and hello's!!  Valerie and Michelle are two awesome ladies!!  I met Liz officially ...we both had seen each other at different events but hadn't officially met yet.  Greg (my favorite tech guy!!!) is here and Keith, who I'd heard wonderful things from but hadn't met yet.  So what's better than that....I have all that and.....

I got to meet a few of you....

This is me and Terri.....She is an Innovian and we met through Facebook....She is just as delightful in person!!  It was like seeing an old friend I had seen in a while!!  She does awesome quilting!! 

Here's me and Chris.

It was so cool to have someone say...."Hey TaDa Quilting".  Chris also is an Innovian....same set up as me.  I loved getting to know  her better!  She has a great sense of humor and we had fun talking day job, quilting, longarming, etc....

So I have to close because my day is about to begin....I hope to meet more of you!! 

Oh ya....almost forgot....I've got CHOCOLATE too!!!

Happy Sewing!!


Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Off Again!!

I'm typing this as I head North on 79.  I am not driving...... You know someone (mom) is thinking "I hope she isn't typing and driving".  I will be home in a little bit..

Just in time to play with my puppy dogs, do a load of laundry, re-stock my hexies kit, and repack my suit case.

I lose my chauffeur but that's ok because..  I'm heading to the Hershey Quilt Show!!!   You can find me at Innova booth with my two favorite Innovians- Valerie and Michele!!!  

If you are in the area come check us out!!!!  Virginia Longarm is a great Innova Dealer and I am sooo excited to be there with them!!

Then next week I will be at the AQS in Charolette NC!!!!   Valerie has an all star team joining her there as well!!!   Nancy McNally, Capri, Greg and myself..... I hope I didn't miss listing someone .   

So either stop and say Hi!!   Or stay tuned for updates along the way!!

Here's my hexie from today:

Happy Sewing!!


It's not nice to mess with Mother Nature

I don't recall ever doing anything in my life that would tick off Mother Nature....but I have no other choice but to believe I have.

I have had to travel to Florida a few times over the last 5 months.  So far, I have not been able to figure out the big deal about Florida.  First it was cold....now I know it was in March and then April...but seriously....it was almost up north cold.  Ok...so we got through those visits.  My husband went in May and it was hotter than blazes.  So as much as I was going to try to blame this all on him....which is what we like to do best....I couldn't because the common denominator has been.....ME.  Poop....hate when that happens!  :)

So its rained all but about 3 hours of our trip to Florida. 

Here's my view as we traveled down the highway.

Finally we see the sign...... Welcome to Florida....so we pull into the Welcome Center.  Here's what I was saw:

It was raining plus big loud thunder and lighting......

Raining so hard....the downspout actually looked like the waterfall decoration.....

But I always try to find the good in all.....the good.....I didn't have to drive.  I really physically jump with thunder and lighting and evidently my husband thought that it wasn't a good idea to have me behind the wheel....LOL  I don't disagree with him.....  I could wreck the car by jumping....not good. 

Hey I just got an idea....next time we go somewhere...I will have to find something that "scares me" and can't drive....just think of all the hand sewing I could get done!!!  shhhhh  our secret!

So we made it to the hotel.  We have stayed at the same hotel and same room each time we have come to Panama City.....So here's what it looks like when we get there:

and here's what it looks like 15 minutes of arriving:

This time I brought my beach ball quilt I've been working on.  Of course.....you didn't have to ask your self.....it's a Missouri Star Quilt Co. tutorial and is in the most current Block book they publish.

More sewing in the evening.  Just realized that my first visit(s) I made the sailboat quilt and now I'm working on beachball quilt..... Coincidence .... But a theme none the less!!


Back to driving......or should I say co-piloting......I got to do hexies!!!!

Finished the one on the left and started my next one

Next day I finished the one I started and completed another on and found fabric for the next one.  

Here's all the ones I've gotten done so far....

The one with the pink center was done earlier....but I wanted to include it so show all the ones I've done so far.

Hope everyone is having a sunny day where you are.....unless you are near me....still raining....but that just means more inside sewing time!!!  Here's a thought.....if you are having a drought in your area.....let me know.....good chance if I'm going that way...it will rain.  :)

So while I get caught up on my blog, sewing, etc......  my wonderful driver rests because.....he knows....there's a quilt shop near and I'll need chauffeured!!

   Don't feel to bad for him....I really waited on him hand and foot this morning at breakfast.  As I stood in line to make him his waffle and then got him orange juice, coffee....etc.

I looked around once and I saw some ladies watching me....their face was saying....."I can't believe he's sitting there reading the paper while she waits on him....her breakfast getting cold.....he must really control her".   I just chuckled inside....boy do they not know me at all!!!   It was my pleasure to do something nice since he did almost all the driving (remember when I said it rained all but about 3 hours....well that's when I was driving). 

Happy sewing!!


Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Secret Pal reveal....

For July's guild meeting...we have a picnic and reveal who we have had as a secret pal for the last year.
 But before I get into that.....

Remember my give-a-way....well here's what it looks like so far.  Kris won the fabric hexies and the papers to make them.....

Nice job Kris....I will post the finished product (no pressure Kris).  I so liked doing that give-a-way...I think I'm due for another one....yup....I will start percolating on that idea and see what I can come up with!

I posted the picture of my gift for my secret pal a few posts ago and waited for the day to arrive. 
I had my dear friend Cathy this year, actually I had her last year as well.  Last July when we picked our secret pals, I picked Cathy's name again...I thought for a second, I should put it back and try again...but I thought...what the heck...it will be fun!!

She is such a sweet person....I was glad to give and make her gifts for another year!! 

Here's Cathy and I after I revealed I was her secret Pal!

The guild picnic is awesome....We have a great group of women who know how to cook and bake!!  Along with all the goodies people brought....Cheryl's husband brought his grill and cooked 1/2 chickens for any of us who wanted to purchase it....let me tell you...it was absolutely by far the best grilled chicken I ever had!!!

Speaking of Cheryl.....she had me as my her secret pal!!!  I will post the picture of the Build A Bear she gave me early on last year.....absolutely  nailed it......Harley Bear...with motorcycle!

 She also gave other great gifts and ended up with this one as my last gift....

Cheryl designs patterns for purses, bags, and wallets!!  I'm so excited with my, not only a Cheryl design....but Cheryl made it!!!  How awesome is that!! 

We picked new secret pals for this coming year.....all I'll say is I don't have Cathy.......or do I?????

Tune in next July for the reveal.....   :)

Happy Sewing!!


Monday, July 21, 2014

Where to next.....Row 5....

I've known Judy Fenton for years now....and I have formed one opinion.....

What ever Judy puts her mind to, she accomplishes it and it will be first class!!

So....when I got to the Fabric Outlet Barn/Needle in a Haystack.... I was not disappointed!!  (I knew I wouldn't be!)

(Ok.... Need to work on photo skills.... Add a N at the beginning and a ck at the end and you get the name ..... )

Just walking in the door, you could feel the homey/peaceful atmosphere.... It's located just outside Findley Lake, NY and could not be nicer.

 But before I go on about the inside....It starts on the outside.  There were several quilts hanging on a line, A fire pit for night time, a couple porches to relax on!!  Judy even made "sidewalk" path out of the tiles from the silo's that were attached to the barn back in the day!

I was so glad that Judy was there when I arrived, because I knew she'd take time out of her busy schedule to give me a tour!  I loved hearing the story of how they got the barn.  I'm not going to tell the whole story.....

For two reasons.....I think Judy tells it best and you should hear it first hand.....secondly...I probably couldn't recall all the details and it is a neat story!!

But I will share a tidbits ..... The barn at one time was a working barn which housed dairy cows....Judy had the neatest idea.....she kept the plaques of the cow's names where they stood when they were milked.  So as you walk around make sure to look up....you will see them and can just imagine what it looked like then and how awesome it is now!! 

Judy is a great host and if you are looking for a place to either retreat or take a class....check this place out!!  Or just stop by to shop!!!  The Fabric Outlet Barn has a great selection of fabrics very reasonably priced!! They are open during the week but closed on weekends during retreats...which makes sense so that the guest for the retreat can have the place to themselves. 

Here's the row.....

I think I can handle this!! 

I was thinking....it's been fun collecting these rows...but at some point in time, I need to start sewing them. I really like a few of the ones I got because they are not complicated or intricate.  It really shouldn't take much to be putting these rows together.

Along with this row....Judy is planning on creating a quilt(s) that combine the rows from both of her shops!!  Sounds like something to check out!!

Not sure where my next row will be from....I still have one close to home to visit and then I'll be on the road for a little bit....so maybe just maybe there will be new rows in my future!!

Happy Sewing!!