Monday, October 12, 2015

What a great way to spend the weekend!

I'm Saturday night and Sunday morning get pretty serious..... Lol.  Actually we just get a little (and I mean little) quieter because we literally put the pedal to the medal because I wonderful weekend is about to end!!

This is Heidi way of being prepared for the next day's Not so much.... But I do see my water bottle waiting for me!!

I went to bed on Saturday night before Melody and I see I missed some sewing!!  Check out her Lone Star!!!  What's more impressive is she is SMILING and doing a lone star..... I don't think I'd be smiling!!!

Here's what she has completed so far on this project....

Phenomenal!!!!   I can't wait to see this one completed!!

I ended up sewing a bigger than a 1/4 " seam.... Which really means.... When you have sewn too many that way and you don't feel like ripping out:  you cut more, sew correctly, and then figure out a plan for the wrong blocks!!

I'm happy....2 for price of making a mistake!!!  I quilt sewing on Sunday when I got to here:

Not enough to start a new project.... Lol

So I decided to snap my last minute pictures and start packing it up.

Mom(left), Aunt Martha (middle) and Arlene sewing and chatting!!  These ladies won't see each other til May and they make every minute count!!

What's going on in the kitchen??  MacGyver aka Hedi was busy making me a "travel case" for the last of the Boston Cream Poke cake:

Who wants the last of the pretz dessert??

Finally it was time to head down the road and lock the wonderful memories in our brains and then start thinking about May.... Our next retreat!!

At last count:  22 completed projects, 5 projects started, over 22 bobbins emptied, lots of great meals, and more laugh than could be counted!!!!

Check out my Facebook page: to see all the projects we completed!!

Happy Sewing!