Sunday, April 12, 2015

Latest Sewing Project I got off to a good start and worked a little bit on Grand Illusion (last post) but I put that aside.....

I felt the need to make a (very dear to me) former co-worker a quilt.  Since I don't have a lot of time, I came up with a great idea!

I decided to do a whole cloth quilt with a theme.  She loves football so I went to my Autopilot and loaded a black wide back for the top and bottom and used gold thread.   I had purchased a football design from Kim Diamond ( site:  )

I love her designs!!! 

So off to quilting:

In no time flat, I had a whole cloth quilt!!!

Then onto binding!  My fellow Innovian, Terri shared a technique with me.....but before I continue with that...I have add...Teri is an awesome quilter and she is a beautiful person!!  She, like me, is a ego involved....if you see something neat, if you find a new share it!!  She's also a biker....which makes her even awesomer....hehe

Ok...back to the quilt....

It's a way to glue on your binding....Yes I said glue on your binding.  Just temporarily but it really helps!! 

I'm using 2" wide binding strips these days....wondering if there is a special reason for that, do I know something that is great and everyone should use 2" binding....NOPE   I can't find my 2 1/2" binding tool.....hehehe   When we were boxing things up and getting ready for the ceilings to be replaced, I had some sewing things upstairs and I distinctly remember thinking...I don't need my binding tool and I will put it "here" for now.  I can't remember where "here" is....LOL  so I have  been using my 2" binding tool. 

With glue and sewing both sides of binding down by machine, even if I found my 2 1/2" binding tool, I wouldn't use it!!!  I really like this new method I'm using...don't think I invented any of this...but I did figure it all out by necessity!!

Back to the process...

I sewed the binding on the back side of the quilt using the binding tool.  If you google Missouri Star Quilt Co binding tool.....there is a great tutorial on it!!!

Once the binding is all attached, I iron the binding first from the back so when I turn the quilt to the front side, the binding is laying flat and I just need to fold it over.

I gather what I need.....Quilt with binding (check). Elmer's School Glue (must be school glue because is washable) check, Iron (check).  BTW....I usually use the white Elmer's School Glue....but I had this at the Studio....either one works!

Take the glue and put  small bead in the salvage area of the binding
Then just fold the binding over to where you want it and press with a hot iron (I didn't use steam)
AND......TA DA......
Your binding is secured!!  Then I took my sewing machine and did a decorative stitch to hold the binding in place.  If any glue squeezes out of the binding and makes a will go away when you wash it.
If you are not planning on washing the quilt....this may not be a method you want to try.  I washed this quilt and any glue marks were gone!!! And as always....test the glue with the fabric before you use it on a may not like it or it may do something to your fabric....there..that's my disclaimer....have fun at your own risk!!!!
I hope to see my friend this week and I will post a picture of her with her new quilt for you all to see!!
Happy Sewing!!

Monday, April 6, 2015

First Day!!!

For those of you who don't know.....I finally took the plunge and am totally self-employed!!

What a journey the last week has been.  I've been very excited, very nervous, very sad, and a whole lot of other verys I just cant recall!!!

I have worked for two companies in my adult life.  First one was for 16 years and just recently almost 13 years.  Isn't that what we were brought up to do....get a job, be loyal, work hard and when you get to 65 (hopefully at 65) you retire and try to do all the things you've wanted to do but was waiting to retire to accomplish them.

I've never been known for following the rules.....  That statement just cracked me up.  You see, I have been a Human Resources Manager/Director for the last 20 or so years....I am the rules keeper and I was made for that job...LOL  However, everything has it's place!!  In the working arena, there are rules and someone has to keep an eye on things....that's me.  I bet my children would totally agree with that.  I do have to say....I am my mother's daughter and she is the ultimate rules keeper!  That's not a complaint or I am not upset by that.  But every so often I'd like to break the rules...but I can''s just not in me.  Well.....except for certain parts of my life....  I couldn't follow the rule of "working until retirement".....oh I'll be working....but it's my passion so I really don't call it work. 

Quilting is not a rules keeping area!!  I like to break the rules and I say at the Studio - "There are no Quilt Police here"! 

I think my creative side has been trying to get out over the last few years!!  If anyone would of asked me 5 years ago...."would you think you would ever be owning and operating a Studio?"   I would of replied "Heck NO!"  but  would of secretly been thinking....I hope I can someday!!

So here I am....Day 1 of no longer being employed and LOVING IT!!  I wondered if I'd wake up this morning and think What the HECK did I do.....but that didn't happen!!

 The sadness of leaving co-workers behind is still fresh...but I hope to see those who I've been close to...It doesn't mean it's an ending...just a beginning and all are still welcome in my life!!

What's day 1 look like?  I have decided to a little routine......

First up....15 minutes of sewing.

Timer set.....


I started Bonnie Hunter's last mystery quilt but only sewed a little bit on it.  I think this is a good place to start...I had pieces cut just waiting to be sewn....

Boy it felt good to piece again!! 

Next up...Ironing....

So what did I accomplish in 15 minutes....

30 half square triangles!! 

There's no race to get this quilt I'm pleased with my progress and there is no hard fast rule I can't sew for more than 15 minutes....just a minimum of 15 minutes!!  Rules aren't always bad!! 

Well I'm off to the Studio....(as I type this with a big ole smile on my face)....I have a couple renters coming in today to complete their own quilts and I have customer quilts to work on.

Happy Monday Everyone!!  I can honestly say.....I think I LIKE Mondays....NOW!!!

Happy Sewing!!