Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Barn Quilt Anyone......

The Hands All Around Erie quilt guild had a class with Suzi Parron, author of Barn Quilts and the American Trail.

It started out with a presentation at our guild meeting.  I had signed up for the class becaused it sounded interesting but after Suzi's presentation.... I was excited!!

Next day was our class.  Didn't hurt that they decided to have it down on the Peninsula!!  Being near the water on a beautiful sunny day set the mood!!  (We won't talk about the frog drowning rain that happened in the morning!!)

Suzi started out with a little instruction but before long we were creating our own Barn Quilt.

Lots of happy chatter was going on as we made progress on our own projects and checked out our neighbors progress!!

After we drew out our pattern and taped off our area.... It was painting time!!!

A few of us went outside to "fan" our block to get the first coat to dry.   

More painting and taping and in no time at all we really got a lot accomplished!!

Talk about time flying.... Before we knew it.... Our class was over and for the most part almost everyone was done or just had a little but left!!

Look at all the beautiful Barn Quilts that will be hung in Erie County!! 

Here's a clever idea....this one has an alternative plan.... This was made to accompany a quilt and will be part of a bedroom decorations... How cool is that!!

Me.... I decided to do my logo .... card tricks and by the time I got done... I changed the coloring a little bit and chose "manatee" as my background color. Manatee is a solid color from Freespirit fabrics that my bestie and I bough a gazillion yards of.... So it seemed appropriate to use gray for mine!!

Side note:  I'm the one who put the tape on the wrong side of the line and for a minute couldn't figure out why my block looked funny..... Suzi said someone would do it..... Anyone surprised it was me??

I walked away with not only a finished project but a new friend, lots of great memories and a ton of new ideas!!

Happy Sewing (or painting)!!!