Friday, August 29, 2014


Hi all..... I know it's been a while and I hope I haven't lost anyone..... I have had a few ask me if all is well and I am here to report ...... LIFE IS GOOD!!

I traveled for a few weeks and when I got home I have been busy reconnecting with family and friends, work and customer quilts!

Sometimes I wish our days were a little bit longer!!

So to finish up my Pittsburgh adventure.... Saw lots of friends and Proud Innovians!!!!  

Here's so pictures of me and some of the gals from my Stah Blasters group:

 Debbie trying out the sit down 

Noreen.     Somehow Lisa and Patty escaped the camera..... Next time!!

Here's Anna May..... 
It's so great to see friends that I haven't seen in a long time!!!

This is Trudy..... A Proud Innovian.... 
Trudy and I go way back!!  I've known her since the 90's when we would take bus trips with The Three Rivers Quilt Guild.  That was my first experience going to Paducah.... Where I saw my first Longarm.....I would of never guessed where that trip would take me into the future!!!!

Met some really great people this trip to!!!

More on that later!!!   I WILL be catching up!!!   :).   Got lots to share!!!

Happy Sewing!!!


Sunday, August 10, 2014

And the winner is.....

Oh wait....let me tell my story about yesterday....

So we start out...little later than we probably should have...but's Saturday, the sun is shinning...we are on our motorcycles....

We hop on to I79 and then I80.  Hubby and I can talk between our helmets and we are discussing a quilt shop that appeared to be pretty close to I80.  We pull over at a rest stop.... Three cans of diet Coke with splenda....we stopped at several rest stops through out the day....but I digress.

He checks the garmen and say's it's like 40 some miles away.  Our goal was to do the Harley Build a bike places .....quilt shops was the secondary bonus.  I made the executive decision not to go to that shop.  But something didn't seem right about it being that far away.  But Whatever...we pressed on. 

I have to interject....I was with 3 guys who didn't care if we went to a quilt shop.  Of course my hubby who is a great guy.  Our good friend Bruce who is married to a quilter....Sandy (she also knits and has appeared in my blog), and my son...who after 25 years evidently has learned not to pitch a fit.

Ok back to the story.  We are heading to Dubious.  We had seen a sign that said the dealership was off of exit 97.  Garmin takes us off before that and we end up on a road that none of us thinks it's going to get us there.  We turn around get back on the highway and go with exit 97.

Poof...we are at the dealership. 

We get our stamps, I buy two clearance T-shirts for my "Harley T-Shirt quilt Stash" and we go to this neat diner across the street for lunch.

None of us was putting two and two together about that (at this point I'll call it a Damn Garmin) garmin.  We got back on the road and off to Altoona (where there's the quilt shop I really want to get the row from).  So what's the garmin do...heads us back west.  I said to my husband....I think we are going the wrong way.  Which for me to figure that's a miracle...LOL   We stop...dang thing was trying to take us back to the first quilt shop.  Ugh 

It has stopped/shorted out and turned it self back on and was now picking locations.  So we reprogrammed it just to go to the Harley in Altoona.  That way we get there...we put in the quilt shop...go there....perfect....plenty of time.

By now I'm sure you have figured out something went not to bore you with more details....we never made it to Altoona....that dang garmin took us around in circles and by the time we were on our second loop going nowhere....we figured it all out....the dealership was closed for the day.....the quilt shop was open...but this chick is smart and with a 3 hour drive ahead of us to get home....I said "let's just go home". 

Yup..... 442.8 miles!!!!

With all that tho....we had a great was a beautiful day for a ride and no one was angry...just disappointed we didn't get our Apple Harley Davidson stamp for our cards.  Me....I just figured....we need to get that we will be back and I will get to the quilt shop!!

For my facebook already know what's next....

For those of you that aren't following my page (hopefully yet).....I had a give a just had to leave me a comment on what you were up to yesterday and post a picture if you could.

There were over 20 comments!!   I decided that since it was about my day yesterday and both my hubby and son was with me.....I'd have them pull two names!!!   They wouldn't let  me take their picture pulling the

First my son reached into the barrel and he drew:

Congrat's Sharron!!!  You get first pick on which mini charm you'd like!!

Next was hubby's turn.........

Congrat's Jean!!!!  You get to pick second.

Ok's how we will do this:

Sharron please email me your address and your pick from the picture below.

Jean, you need to email me your address and pick two choices.  If Sharron didn't pick your first choice that will be it, but if by chance she did, I will go with your second choice!!

That was fun!!!  I still plan on doing another give a way as soon as I reach 100 follower's on come join the fun....tell your friends.....and most of all.....

Happy Sewing!!!


Saturday, August 9, 2014

Weekend is here!!

Today is the first Saturday that I woke up in my own bed with basically nothing to pressing to do in 3-4 weeks!!

So what's in store for today??  My husband, my son, a very good friend of ours, and myself are heading out on our motorcycles in a little bit to get some stamps on our Harley Davidson build a bike ticket.

So what does that mean to me??  And why am I sharing it with you??   You guessed it.....Row by Row!!!  Last night while my husband was wiring up his GPS for his bike, I took to the computer and tried to figure out which route we would take.  I made notes and stuffed the note into my cell case!!

Before I was done, hubby walked by and asked "What ya up to?"  Busted.....  So I decided to fess up and tell the truth...."Well I said.....I was trying to see which way I thought we'd go so that I could see if we could get a row or two".   Then I gave him the boo boo eyes, a hug and a kiss and said a silent prayer!!

About an hour later, when he crawled into bed....he said "all the Harley locations are in (I held my breath) and a couple quilt shops too".  He's a keeper!! 

So stay tuned....I'm all ready to go and we will be heading out soon.  I hope to post from the row!!!

Happy Sewing!!


Wednesday, August 6, 2014

More Row by Row

So....we have to back track a little....

After I got my tire fixed and got back on the road....I was running a couple hours late...but....

When I started my journey that morning, I had called home and my lovely hubby looked up the Row by Row map and gave me a few addresses to plug into my Garmin.  What a great guy!!!

So as I'm traveling I stop or don't I I, don't I.....hhhhhmmmmm  it's about 4:45 when I was getting close to my next quilt's right off of 77 in Wytheville, VA....oh what the heck...

Sew What Fabrics & Batiiks Etcetera is a must stop if you are ever in Wytheville, Va!!!!

It is a nice shop filled with a lot of nice fabric selections and I definitely will stop next time we are in the area.  I didn't have much time, so I didn't get to shop much....but here's their row:

Right up my alley....tumblers (pretty sure cut with the Accuquilt Go!! - my favorite!!)
 and leafs!!!

I had to get the kit!

The ladies that helped me were awesome!!!  They were out of license plates and are mailing me one when they come in!!!!

Check out the table runner they created out of their row.......LOVE IT!!

My last find there......

I am falling in love with all these mini charms....I have decided that I will buy at least one whenever I come across them.  I thought...I will just sew them all together someday and call it a quilt!!  How much more scrappy can ya get!!!

 Of course, that's as long as another idea doesn't pop into my head before I start this one.....hehe

Here's what I have so far.....

I will keep filling the jar.....

I was so busy at the quilt show...I didn't sew one stitch....I had a blast tho!!! 

More on that later.....

Happy Sewing!!


Friday, August 1, 2014


If you all don't have or haven't seen the Go Accuquilt....YOU need to!!! 

I absolutely love my Accuquilt go!!

Remember this quilt?  It was made from the small tumbler die:


I love the precision of the cuts...your seams all match and you get perfect blocks every time!!

Sharron is my favorite Go person!!

Here's Sharron, me, and Michelle at market in Pittsburgh....

I was so happy when I found out she was here in Charlotte....

Sharron is such a sweet person who know's her stuff!! It was nice seeing her again!!

 Nancy McNally introduced me to her in Paducah this year and I love standing watching her.... I learn some thing new everytime!    This time she showed me how to cut and make the perfect wof mitered strip!!  Ingenious!!

Here's my purchase from their booth today!!!


If you ever get a chance to see Sharron in action....take the time and say Hi for me!!  Hope to see her again soon!!!

I haven't sewn a lick on this trip...but I sooooo want to get home, use my Go and create a new quilt!!  On my list is the double wedding ring.....this might just be the motivation I needed!!

Happy Sewing!!