Sunday, October 12, 2014

Time Flys When Your Having Fun!!!

It's hard to believe that it's Sunday morning already!!!

What a great time this retreat was and always is!!!

With my Studio just about to open, I did debate whether I should attend or not, but that took me about a nano second to decide.....WHAT was I thinking....I couldn't miss a Turtle Rock Retreat!!! 

It's always fun seeing Dick and Candace Mayer!!!  I'm so glad that Candace decided to open up the Turtle and have a place for crazy ladies to come and sew!!! 

Saturdays, are always fun.....we try to eat up the left overs, but I have to say....the Calico Beans were yummy!!! Then after dinner, the games begin.....

Melody found the game Trader's Dice from Stitchin Tree ( when we were in Paducah 2013.

Who needs a casino......LOL

Throw your charm squares (we put 6  in the middle and roll the dice!!!  It's a really fun game!!  Once you roll the three dice you either: trade with someone, hold (don't get to do anything), or take out of the kitty.  Once the kitty is over and we count our squares....

It's so funny watching people when they have to trade with another.....stripes wasn't the favorite squares this time...and boy did they keep getting traded. 

But 20 minutes later, the game was over and I ended up with the most squares....woo hoo!!!  AND  none of us had to call the gambling addiction toll free number!!!

However, I may gave won the game.... I think Melody wins for most projects done on a Saturday!!  I love this table runner!!  We all want to make one now!!!!

Then she made this Quilts of Valor (QOV) quilt!  AND she did several more zigging around snowflakes!!

Heidi continued to "use up" fabrics and worked on two quilts at the same time.....


Mom continued on her string piecing

Arelene stippled like a champ!!

Aunt Martha made over 100 1/2 square triangles for her next project.

Me.....I made a tree!!  It's paper pieced and so cute!!  I'm planning on hanging it at the Studio and decorating it for each holiday.  Ok.....those who know me, know that decorating isn't necessarily a strength of mine.......but a strength of mine is to know the strengths of others and "barter".....have I mentioned I love my  bestie....hehe 

Last fun of the weekend is discovering the "bong".  We started this little tradition that each retreat, whoever had the "bong" the retreat before, fills it with a goodie and hide it someone's stuff to discover.  This retreat, Melody had it from before and gave it to my mom!  It was a fat quarter from Missouri Start Quilt mom's first item from them... woo hoo!!!


Oh ya, we either check the daily deal before we go to bed or we do it first thing in the morning!!  It's a bonus of Turtle Rock....WIFI!!!

Well.....I have to head out early....because I have to start getting things organized for the opening of my studio!!!

SO excited and I hope to see most of you at my Open House on November 8th, 10am - 2pm!!!  This new adventure is something I've wanted to do for such a long time....hard to believe it's only a few weeks away of becoming a reality!!!

More to come on that topic in the next few weeks!!!

Happy Sewing!!!!


Saturday, October 11, 2014

Happy Saturday.....and the progress continues!!

Happy Saturday Everyone!!!

I hope you are enjoying your day wherever you are at!!!   Me, I'm having the best time!!!

These ladies crack me up....and of course, I always crack myself up...  :)

What is said at Turtle Rock, stays at Turtle Rock.....You will just have to use your imagination but I will give you a snippet of what I over heard....(yes I participated)  mother said something about making miracle broth and it got turned into miracle brothel.....LOL  not pointing any fingers, except to say....none of us are innocent!!! 

Anyways.....besides the eating and's what we have been up to:

Mom insisted Melly take a picture of me cooking....I decided to make Calico Beans....I made them yesterday so they could sit over night....because as we all know.....some things taste better the second day!!!!

Heidi is on a "sew it all up" and out of a fat quarter, she got two 10" sqs, two 7" sqs, and one 5" sq.  So she made three different quilts using her version of "Double Slice Layercake" from Missouri Star Quilt Co.  How cool is that!!! 

Aunt Martha got her purse done and is on to another project!! 

Mom is working on her Roll Roll Cotton Boll....

Arelene has finished binding that butterfly quilts and is working on stippling a baby quilt.

Melody is such a wonderful mom and aunt!!  She is making two "Frozen" quilts for her daughter and her niece!!

Look at these snowflakes....each kit has 22 of these snowflakes....she is "zigging" around each one!!

She did several of her pinwheels for the Beach Ball quit....maybe I'll pick that idea up again....but not at this time..... :)

Now she almost has a Turning Twenty quilt done!!


I bought these kits when I was done at Oaks!  I love them all and so I bought all three kits.  I didn't have enough double sided fusible to make all three.....but I at least got these two done!!


Here's what I'm working on now....

How about all these piles.....

It should  look like this....

Ok....I've got to get back to sewing....or laughing....or eating....or ALL THREE!!!

Happy Sewing!!


Friday, October 10, 2014


Hello everyone!!!

I swear this is my last out of town adventure (not last escapade tho) for this year.

I couldn't possibly miss my normal quilt retreat with what I call my "life line" friends and family!!!

There are 6 women that I share this retreat with twice a year....these ladies are each unique and add so much to my life!!!  I truly cherish these two weekends (May and October) each year.

This is my view for the weekend!!!  From Left clockwise around the table:  My mom, Judy, My Aunt Martha, Arlene, My bestie Melody, and last but never least!!!!!!  Heidi, Melody's sister.

So far we have ate way to much....haven't stopped laughing and somethings will have to stay at Turtle Rock Retreat ( ....hehe ....and sewing like there's no tomorrow!!!

Arlene made these two butterfly hanky quilts and I quilted them for her.  By the smile on her face....I think she's happy with the quilting!!  She's working on the binding now....

A few years back, my mom and I bought a quilt kit for the pattern Gentle Breeze from my cousins Jeni and Gretchen's shop.  We both have been working on it, but my mom is better organized than me.

  I can't find my finished blocks....however, when I went looking for them, I found my pressing cloth that I had miss it's still a good day!!!  Heidi suggested I look in one of my Ikea bags....and I think she may have solved the mystery.  But I'll have to wait til I get home to verify.  

In my defense...Although I'm not trying to say I am organized...but we are replacing the ceilings in our house and everything has been move and miss placed....that's my story and I'm sticking to it!!!

Anyways.....back to our progress....

Isn't this beautiful!!  Mom hand pieced the pinwheels....and hand appliqued the cone flowers.  I'm taking it home with me to baste it for her and then she's going to hand quilt it.  

Me.....I tried hand piecing the pinwheels but my guess it hand piecing accuracy skips a generation and I couldn't get two blocks to turn out the same size.  I did hand applique my cone flowers but machine pieced the WHEN I find my blocks that are all stacked and ready to be sewn together....I will be machine quilting mine.

Melody and I have been working on the Missouri Star Quilt Co's Beach Ball....which was one of their tutorials.  

Side note.......Judy Fenton has secured Jenny Doan for her big quilt show next year!!!!  Jenny will be in Erie PA!!!!!   Visit her website to get details!!

We both have decided to change the layout/design a bit.....

Here's Melody's version so far.  I love her color's!!! 

Here's mine.  I'm using my fav....Wren's and Friends. 

We both saved the corner's of the first half square triangles we cut off and created a 2" half square from them.  We are planning on making them into pinwheels and incorporating them into a border!!  

Stay tuned .....hopefully we will have more progress on these this weekend!!

Aunt Martha is working on a purse's not together enough for a picture...but it will be completed shortly and I'll post a picture later.

Heidi started her weekend out by finishing 17 project Linus baby quilts!!!  

Heidi also did the foldy thing that's been featured in Quiltmaker magazine.  This started out as the hexie in the middle and a 10" background square.  No cutting of the's a fold and sew method....pretty slick!

Next up.....Eden Sewing Center.....Scott beware...the crazy ladies are on there way shortly and we are looking to have a good time!!!  Stay tuned!!

How CUTE is this:

Aunt Martha made us all these Apple Mug Rugs!!!  I love her!!!  I call her FAM - favorite aunt Martha!!!   but I do have two FAM's.....favorite aunt Mary too!!  This chick is very blessed to have my mom and her two sisters as family.....acorn doesn't fall far from the tree!!

Happy Sewing!!!!


Sunday, October 5, 2014

Facebook Giveaway!!!

I said a while back, if Ta Da Quilting Facebook page hit 100 likes, I'd have a giveaway. 

Thanks to all of you who are following me, it now over 100 time for a giveaway!!!

I found this cute kit when I was at the Oaks, PA Quilt show,   Dick and Wendy Shank who own Traditions at the White Swan ( were across the isle from our Innova booth.   What a great store!!!  I bought 4 other kits too!!

Ok, so here's the deal.....This blog post will appear on Ta Da's facebook page.  Everyone who wants to participate only has to do two things:

1.  Like Ta Da Quilting Facebook page (most of you have already done that!!  thanks!!)

2.  Leave a comment under the post that this blog will appear on Ta Da Quilting page only.  Since the purpose of this giveaway is due to going over 100 likes on Ta Da Quilting page, I'm only selecting a random winner from the comments under Ta Da Quilting page.  How about a quick comment about........What's is your favorite season?  Mine is fall.....but I love quilted snowman!!

Good Luck everyone!! 

I'm going on a quilt retreat later this week (maybe I'll get some kits completed!!) and will pull a winner on Sunday when I return home.

Happy Sewing!!



Saturday, October 4, 2014

A Big...... TA DA!!!

I am so excited!!! 

As you can see from the picture.....I am embarking on a new adventure!!  3628 West 12th Street, Erie, PA 16506 will be my new home away from home!!

I've been professionally longarm quilting out of my house for a couple years now, but over this summer a dream started to peculate (I love that word...hehehe) and it is about to be a dream come true!!

First I need to thank a few people who have helped make this a reality!!!

Valerie Schlake (middle) owner of Virginia Longarm Network ( took a phone call from this crazy chick from Erie.....from that moment, I really thought we connected and there was such an ease in our conversation!!  I don't think either one of us could of anticipated what was to come but I'm sure glad I made that call!!!

That was followed by meeting her at the Pittsburgh Sewing Expo August of last year.  Again, I walked away thinking I really like this person!!  WELL that was followed by training at her facility.  There I met Michelle Eno  (Left....which leaves me on the - also known by me as a phenomenal teacher!!!

I was so blown away by the depth of Val's facility and training provided.  I spent two days there and walked away thinking "I am a longarm quilter"!!  Val and I took some time at the end to talk about this thing called a Sales Rep.  I was discovering rapidly that Val and Michelle really want to see people succeed and will help make that happen.  My husband who went with me, survived the trip, but I'm guessing that he was glad when we got home...because I'm not sure I quit talking the whole way home.  I was filled with ideas, new skills, and new friends!!

I have done several shows with those two ladies this summer and each time I walk away with more knowledge and great memories!!!  I love the above picture. That was taken last May at Market in Pittsburgh.  The three of us had a great time and as you can see by the picture....we smiled and laughed just a little bit!

Val has helped me catapult my small in home business to my new studio!!!  I will be offering not only professional longarm quilting services, but a rental program with training, machine sales, T-Shirt quilts and more.  I believe with Val and Michelle in my corner the sky's the limit!!! 

Just saying THANK YOU!!  in this blog does not even begin to describe the appreciation I feel for those two!!  But I will start here by saying THANK YOU!!

Another Person I want to thank is Jeff Benedict, Owner of Accomplish Quilting ( in Michigan.  I met Jeff, Julie, and Tori at the Cleveland Sewing Expo in March.  I proceeded to tell Julie how I loved my Innova and that led to spending the day with them and an offer to help them in Paducah!  I was sure my friends had put them up to it and it was a "candid camera" type funny.  But sure enough it was a genuine offer! 

I spent the week with the Accomplish Quilting crew and not only had a great time, but learned something from all of them.  Jeff, Julie, Doug, Nancy (aka partner of escapades), Alvin, Cindy,  Rick, and Caroline, all taught me something and my knowledge and love of Innova grew!!

Not sure they knew what they were getting into....but I did make them laugh and they did shake their heads at me at least once a day.   I did another show with the Accomplish Quilting crew and again walked away with more memories and knowledge!  Thanks Jeff!! took a chance on me and I hope you are as pleased with the experience and I am!!! hubby gets a huge shout out!!!  That poor guy has lived with me for over 20 years....Not sure how he has survived it but I'm damn glad he has!!  When this idea started to percolate.... I thought I'd get a little resistance, but as it started to develop he started to get more excited.  Those who know him, know he's not the excitable type.  But let me tell you, when we hung that sign yesterday and got in the car to meet some friends.....he had a big ole smile on his face!!

So for those who plan on visiting, get ready to meet the greatest guy on the face of the earth.  Ok...I know those who know me well have heard my pet peeves about him...he's not perfect....and I let him know that every so often....but I'll take his quirks...besides he gets extra points putting up with me!!

 I will probably be open in a couple weeks.....but save the DATE:  November 8th!!  That's the open house!!  I am so excited and looking forward to seeing everyone there!!

Happy Sewing,


Wednesday, October 1, 2014

My new friends....

In the last post I talked about our new friends who joined us for dinner.  They are so friendly!!  Traci reminds me of me....which we made a joke that we couldn't vend next to each other....Oh we'd have fun and laugh...but my guess someone would yell at us....which makes me want to vend next to her even more!!

Carrie is a little quieter....but don't let that fool you....she can add to the fun!!  Carrie happen to sit next to me when they got to the house and I so enjoyed hearing about her background.  She has a fine arts degree and has been designing with wool for about 8 years.  Her design ideas come from things around her.  The more I talked to them the more I wanted to see the designs. 

Sunday morning after I got my car all loaded and said my good byes to the ladies at the house, I headed over to their booth.

What I saw was more than I expected......I love Carrie's designs!!  Here's what their booth looked like:

There were so many that I really liked!!

Omg this block of the month is phenomenal!!

Christmas anyone??

I love the stitching on this one!

It was so hard to find the one I liked the best!!

Here's me and my new friends:

Traci is on the left, my cowboy boots in the middle (I love my boots!!!!), and Carrie is on the right.  

Oh so you must be wondering what I ended up with....

Well I saw this one and it reminded me of love birds and I though of me and Duane.  I know that sounds sappy, but I really did think that and decided that would be my choice and I know where I'm going to hang it....but that's for tomorrow's post.  I guess I need to get started on it first.... :)

I hope you enjoyed these pictures and if you get a chance....check out the website:

Happy Sewing!!