Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Bonus of Quilt Market...

I have been quilting for over 20 years....but it wasn't until I bought my Innova Longarm that I got to experience this side of quilting the world...meeting the big names in quilting...some who I now can call my friend.... This is something I never imagined !!.  (not in a stalking way...I don't have a wall with pictures on it (smile)  I could tho....LOL)

First up...... 

I was soooo excited to run into Angela Walters ( in the cafeteria!! Quick hug and a chat then back to our booths.....

Later I stopped by her booth.....for a photo-op!!  Right before market my iphone died and I lost all my photos!!  I was so glad to add new ones!!

I have a couple of her Craftsy classes ( and then I met her at Birds of a Feather in February.  She has taught me so much and I love her techniques!  What's exciting is that she has a new fabric line that is coming out in Septemberish!!  Also I just got an email from Craftsy that she has a new class out!!  This girl will definitely be checking it out and enrolling!!

I love the way she displayed the fabrics!!   And I love how she incorporated her quilting designs into the fabric designs! 

I have already begun to mentally plan a quilt using this fabric.

Later on....

I happen to look up and going around the corner was someone we all know and love her tutorials!!

Yes Jenny Doan and her husband. (He was nice enough to take the picture!!)  I wish my brain would process faster, because I missed a great photo-op.  Jenny and her husband were walking up the aisle holding could just feel the love of a couple who really connect!!   She remembered me/our group from the Findley Lake presentation she did.  That reminds me....did I check the daily deal yet (  I love the new tutorial of the Curved Log Cabin.  Of course I have the pre-cuts....and I love log cabin so this quilt is definitely in my future!!!


So I notice a person who walks past our booth a few times and I'm thinking....hmmmm this person seems familiar.   THEN it dawns on's Tula Pink!!!! 

I just finished my sailboat quilt top using her saltwater line and have acacia line to do something with.  I also have dvr'd her when she was on Sewing with Nancy and really like her style!!

  Do I approach her??  Michelle and Valerie were giggling at my excitement....but I didn't want to "bug" someone but really wanted to tell her how much I like her fabric line and her modern quilting style!!  I finally braved it on Saturday....

She was so nice!!!!!

Check out her quilt using her new fabric line........this is a must have in the future!!!!

I know Angela Walters has done her quilting in the past.....I have a feeling this one was done by her also!

Who else came by......

Nancy Zieman.  (We are color coordinated.... How cool is that)

I have always loved watching Sewing with Nancy and she has taught me a lot over the years!!  It was a joy to chat sewing with her for a few minutes!!

Bonnie Hunter ( wasn't there.....but her quilts were!!  I told her I would make sure to get pictures of them for her. 

Aren't they gorgeous!!  Melly and I are counting down the days......Bonnie will be back to our guild June 2015....getting closer!!  I know to most that seems like a long ways away....but I booked her almost 2 years to's getting close!!!

Right before I left market on Sunday, I made sure to stop and tell Sherry Rogers-Harrison how nice it was to meet her!  She is an phenomenal quilter and also has an Innova!!  She has several youtube videos and teaches! (

 She won an award at Paducah this year:

LARGE WALL QUILTS: Longarm/Midarm Machine Quilted sponsored by Nolting® Longarm Quilting Machines 1ST      #3-723 MILLEFIORI, Sherry Rogers-Harrison, Normandy Park, Washington

I've started calling all the Innova owner's "Innovians"....but we do have a great community and so many want to share their knowledge and techniques!!   Hope to see her again someday!!  Other Innovian's I met were:  Judy and Rob from Olde City Quilts in NJ (, and Kelly Coafe from The Quilting Bee ( 

Wow.... My head is spinning again from all the fantastic people who I re-connected with and the new people I met!!   What a journey!!!

Happy Sewing!!


Monday, May 26, 2014

More Market.....

Being at Market was exciting because not only do you get to see what's out there but you get to see who's there and get excited about what will be in the shops!!

Lots and lots of shop owners poured into the doors at the start...everyone anxious to see all the new  fabrics, techniques, and gadgets!!!

I got excited be cause I ran into a few shop owners in my area and they were busy checking out and planning what they will be offering in the near future!

This is Cathy....she stopped to watch the Innova Auto pilot stitching away....I thought you look familiar and realized....she's from Fox's in Meadville, PA.

I have mentioned this store before.  They have an awesome selection of fabric, panels, patterns...etc...etc...etc!! 

Tammy who owns Fox's stopped by too!  It's so nice to see people you know...They are so friendly and we had a good time chatting and giggling.  Ok...I know...I always say giggling...but that's what I do best...I like to giggle and make others join in!! 

Another favorite shop stopped by!!

Here's Meghan from Millcreek Sewing and Fabric ( and is the daughter of Judy Fenton.  Awesome mother and daughter team!!  

 Judy is the owner of the shop and recently opened Needle In a Haystack retreat( in Findley Lake, NY. 

In her spare time (smile) she is the organizer of Quilting Around Chautauqua.  This is a must see show that happens in September.  You can find details on their website.  Meghan and Judy were also manning the Quiltsmart booth...I didn't make if over there...but I bet there some new goodies coming out from Quiltsmart and I'm sure Judy will be stocking it in her store!!

Judy and Tammy brought several of their staff with them to get ideas for classes and products for their shops!! 

I don't know about you....but I'm over due to visit my favorite shops and can't wait to see what they are offering!!

From what I could see....I think this is going to be a good year for new techniques, fabric and all around quilting fun!!!!

Happy Sewing!!


Sunday, May 25, 2014

Market was so much fun.....

It is hard to believe a week has gone by and market is now a memory....I had full intentions of having my market posts done before now....oh has a way of slowing progress in some areas down, so that we can make progress in other areas....Life is a balancing act!!

So  before another week goes by....Here's some of the people I saw:

To my surprise...pleasant surprise....I saw so many local people I know.

Here's Cathy, she too was helping out a vendor.  Cathy is the person who made the Peak-a-boo bear quilt that I posted on my Facebook page (www.facebook/ for Sarah's senior project. 

Here's Candace.  She's my dear friend and owner of Turtle Rock - the retreat place we go to twice a year (  She was with Caroline from Eden Sewing Center....the place where we "Stop, Drop(lots of money), and Roll (all our goodies to the car).

Debbie does beautiful work and I was lucky enough once to get a piece she made for our guild Christmas exchange!  It is beautiful!  If I wasn't behind on so much...and I knew "exactly" where it was in all the decoration boxes (of course the boxes aren't labeled)....I'd go get a picture of it...but I will try to remember it at Christmas time when I unpack my decorations.

Then there was the family brigade:

My cousins, Jenny, Gretchen, and Judy are owners/creators of the magazine Primitive Quilts and Projects (  Awesome magazine with plenty of information and projects.  Their website has lots of info and projects too....check it out!!!


Jeni trying out the sitdown....she is a great quilter and has so much creativity...I love her designs!!!  I believe we will be seeing more of Jeni and her designs in the future!!

Gretchen, me, Jeni.

I missed getting pictures of "Ask Mom", my aunt Mary and Uncle George, my cousins Judy and her daughter Leah....sometimes the brain and camera are not time!!!

I think this next story is so neat......and proves it can be a small world!!

Last year Heidi and I took Melody to Paducah for her birthday (let's just leave it at a milestone birthday).  At the beginning of the show, they have a high school marching band go through and anyone with a quilt can follow the band in....flash mob style.   So we did it....along with Cheryl and  Marie and a gazillion of that crowd was a woman from New Zealand.  We exchanged good mornings and welcomed her to the US.  Of course we ran into her several times over the few days we were  in Paducah. forward little over one year later at Market......

You guessed it.... Raewyn saw me at market and we hugged and small is this world!!  

But I'm glad I ran into her.  I believe I now have a friend across the pond that I'm hoping to see again.  Not sure I'll ever get to New Zealand...but if I do...I hope to see my new friend....well maybe it's my old friend now....isn't wonderful how quilting unites us!!  I always cherish the people I get to talk to and meet whether locally or world wide!!

Happy Sewing!!


Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Where to begin!!

I spent Thursday through Sunday at the Pittsburgh Quilt Market with Virginia Longarm Network...sharing my love for the Innova longarm!!!

When I bought my Innova a few years ago...I had no idea the journey that purchase would take me on!!  Last month it was Paducah and this month Quilt Market in Pittsburgh, PA. 

Virginia Longarm Network ( is the Mid-Atlantic distributor/training center for Innnova longarms.  They actually cover PA, Va, W Va, NC, and SC....I might have missed a check out their website to see if they cover your area!

I met Valerie Schlake back in November at a training at her place....I was very impressed at the operation and all the staff there were so friendly.....Michelle Eno taught the class and I thought we all hit it off nicely!! 

Fast forward to last week.....Thanks to Valerie, I was off to the Quilt exciting is that!!  I was getting a great opportunity to talk about one of the things I love....My Innova longarm!!  ok...the fact that I just get to talk and talk and talk is a bonus!!  You know....I'm shy and often quiet....ok maybe only when I'm sleeping..

I met Valerie, Michelle, Matt, and Greg at the convention center and helped them finish setting up.

I became the "boy scout" because I was pretty much prepared for everything.  I over heard Michelle talking to Valerie about a banner and if we could sew them together....I said...."do you need a sewing machine?  I have my feather weight".  Well I got a little bit of a look and was asked..."you have one with you?" which I replied...."usually never leave home without one."

  Most will laugh...but if you are ever with me and need something to do...I'll have a couple projects with me.  My moto is...if I can fit it goes!!  My husband jokes with everyone and says I can get my machine on the back of my bike....not really a fits and I've taken it on the bike.

So they tried sewing it on the machine but wasn't getting the results they wanted so decided it would work if you sewed it by hand......I had everything they needed....LOL  I got a few laughs....but I think behind the giggles...these two were happy I had what was needed. 

After dinner we called it  an early night....6:30am comes mighty early!!  However we got to talk a little bit and I knew then....I was in for a good weekend.  The three of us seem to have the same sense of humor.    I must say tho, I'm not sure they knew exactly what they were in for.....However they put up with me and only asked each other once  "Where did we find her" . 

I think the booth looked awesome and we were already to go in the morning!!

Auto pilot. 

Behind it is the 18" Standard machine

Sit down

Birds poster

Here's the three of us....
Hhhhmmmm.  We just realized we had the same color shirts on.    Just kidding .... 
Ok...we Gained composure (Michelle, Valerie, me)

Let the show begin !!!

Stay tuned..... Next up.....  All the wonder people I saw at market.....

Happy Sewing!!


Monday, May 19, 2014

And the Winner is.......

Sorry this is a day late.....

I didn't realize how late I'd be when I got home from Pittsburgh!!

I had such a great time but I was away from home almost 4 days...

I stopped home long enough to pet the puppies...put my "stuff" in the garage and off again.

Just to hubby and I went to our local favorite place to hangout and get caught up!  Poor guy had to listen to me tell all about my adventures!  He does a good job of looking interested and does ask questions........he's a keeper!!

By the time we got everything semi put away...I was tired!! 

I was going to write...but today is a new day....but I'm still tired!!  5:45am came to fast and I was off to work by 6:45....Good news was I thought I was going to have to work to 7pm....but I got out at 4:30!! 

So I got the dogs settled....dinner made and then figured I better get to the business at hand...the Give-A-Way!!

I got all the names in the special contest's just my mother's Tupperware container...shhhh don't tell her....

Stirred and stirred them up.........


Oh wait......I wanted to thank Paper Pieces for giving me something to share with all of you!!  And thank everyone who left a comment!!  I hope to do more give-a-ways in the leave comments on what you all like.....that way I'll have idea's of what to give away!!!

Ok.....drum roll please   (TADATADATADATADATA) (that's how my drum sounds...hehe)

Congratulations Kris!!!

Kris wrote: 
I would add some yellow for the center, some green Paper Pieces jewels and make a table runner. And then I would show it off at Weekend Sew and say "look what I won!" Such fun! Thanks, Kris

 I can't wait to see what she creates with these!!  I hope she will send me a picture so I can share it will all of you!!

This week is my week to get caught up!!  More to come on going to Market!! Customer quilts are a waiting....and to add to all of that....I had another quilt idea!!!

Happy Sewing!!


Wednesday, May 14, 2014

What to do with my scraps.....

I have a few good friends who say "it's scary what goes on in your head"..... That makes me giggle.  I don't take it as a insult....I take it as a compliment.  I love being creative and seeing things just a little left of center. one day a thought pops into my head.  I pondered it for a little bit and decided to act upon it. 

Here is my bin of 1 1/2" strips and squares, with some white fabric.

I got out my computer and a piece of paper and wrote out a how to get that in a quilt....

I started by sewing a bunch of 4 patches and 6 patches....

Now that they're ironed....time to start my message.

Here's part of the message.....any idea's yet??

so I started putting it all together...

Remember this picture?   This is part of the quilt but it's sideways.

But life got in the way of progress so I had to put it up for awhile.

Finally I got to finish the top at Turtle Rock!

So what do you think?  Any ideas on what the total message is?

I'm hoping to get this quilted in June, but right now I'm getting packed and ready to head to Pittsburgh for the spring Quilt Market!  I'm so excited to be helping out Virginia Longarm Network (  Valerie, Michelle and I will be showing everyone how the Innova Longarm is:  Built to Quilt!!! 

Don't forget to leave a comment on the Mother's Day and Give-a-way post to have a chance at winning the Paper Pieces goodies!!!   Sunday when I reveal who won, I will also post the full message of my quilt.

Happy Sewing!


Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day and Give-A-Way

LOL  It rhymed....

I want to wish everyone a great day today!!  Whether you are a mother or not....I hope it's a good day for everyone!!!

I got a package last Saturday, it was from my youngest son and his wife.  I know my mom won't believe me, but I swear....I waited til this morning to open it!!  It was hard and I was tempted, but I must be maturing in my old age....not really old...but probably not really maturing....anyways...I struggled through it and wait to open it this morning!

It's it awesome!!  I absolutely love it!!!  

As with being a mother...whether it's with young kids or dogs.....I started my morning off not being able to sleep in ...due to a big ole boxer tongue saying "Hey mom....let's play...I need to go out....wait let's on mom get up!!!"

This is only a face a mother could love!!!  And boy do I love this goofy boxer!!!

So here I sit....the birds are chirping...the chipmunks are playing and the squirrels already came by for their morning breakfast!

I love this view!!  I could sit here all day...why is it when I want to take a picture of all the birds that visit...a beautiful cardinal and a vibrant blue jay were just here....they fly away as soon as I get the camera out...I think I need to get some Army camo from my there's a visual LOL

Finally got one!!  So red!! the Give-A-Way!!!

The ladies at Paper Pieces (

Here's Julie and JoAnn...missing is Jessica.  The nicest 3 ladies!!  They are busy moving to Paducah, KY....go check them out!!

Jessica gave me this to give-a-way.....

Isn't is Awesome......It will be a great wall hanging or a start to a great quilt...the possibilities are endless!!!  I love the gradation of the purples!!!  How do you win this....

Just leave a comment below about what you would do if you won this before Sunday, May 18th.   If you want a second entry....go to my Facebook page, like the page and leave a comment on the post that this blog entry appears on!!  I will draw a winner when I return from Quilt Market in Pittsburgh on Sunday!!  

Good Luck everyone!! 

Here's my hexie progress....

Happy sewing!!


Friday, May 9, 2014

Busy, Busy, Busy

Since returning from my quilt retreat, I've been busy with my day job and customer quilts....but I'm taking a quick break tonight to let you know that I'll be doing a give-a-way on Sunday.  So.....check back on Sunday!!!

Happy Sewing!


Sunday, May 4, 2014


We are having such a great time....but we are making progress and completing projects......

Here's a preview of what we've done:

Here's my newest design..... It has a meaning.... Will be having a contest in a couple weeks ..... Just for fun!!

Side note:  starting on Mother's Day I will be having give-a-way!!  My new buddies from Paper Pieces gave me a little something to give-a-way!!!!

Ok back to our progress....

Melly's Zip er up


Melly's Periwinkle

Heidi made a T-Shirt quilt for her daughters graduation.

Aunt Martha is making good progress on a couple projects.

I put the piano keys on this quilt... Ready to quilt!

I finally got the blocks sewn and the borders..... Another one ready to quilt !!

Shew.... No wonder we are a little tired!!

Happy Sewing!