Friday, February 28, 2014

New Years Resolutions

How many of you can relate to this......

New year rolls around and you say to yourself....."Self, you should hand sew every day this year....nothing major, but something".  You get excited and say,  "I think I can, I think I can". 

Day one:

That was easy...this is a piece of cake....364 to go...

I started with what we call "Jeni blocks".  My cousin Jeni designed these cute wool applique blocks.

Side note:  I come from a line of hookers (on my mom's side) gramma was a hooker, but her daughters decided not to take it up....but passed it on to my cousin Jeni.  Jeni got  my mom and I into hooking, when we saw how much fun she had. 

This is one of Jeni's pattern I bought as a kit.

Ok....who hasn't figured out we are talking about rug hooking.  My grandmother Ella Robinson rug hooked and my cousin Jeni learned her love of wool from her.  Jeni has the original tools our grandfather made for her to rug hook.
This is a rug I designed and hooked.

Jeni has been designing, teaching, hooking, and quilting for years. 10 years ago, Jeni and her sister Gretchen opened the Woolen Willow, in Williamstown, W. Va  (  They have a wonderful shop of wool and cotton fabric, patterns, kits, classes etc.... If you see or talk to them.... Tell them cousin Jill says Hi!!!

Another sister, Judy, joined in and they created the magazine "Primitive Quilts and Projects".  Great magazine with great projects.  

They even incorporate the help of their mom - Ask Mom feature is away for us to get answers to our quilting questions!   

Their other sister, Sally has joined in when they have a retreat... I hear she's does some funny entertaining!  ( I have no doubt a good time is had by all!!). I need to make time for one!!  I might be biased.... But the Falcsik family is one of the most loving and talented families I know!!  

Ok, back to my "sewing every day"...

I faithfully appliquéd my blocks every day.  That got me to January 12th. 

(Next years "resolution" might have to be "finish the projects from last year")

I did move on to the English paper piecing kit, and hand sewing bindings which got me into February (didn't make it every day... But pretty darn close!!)

Soooooo  I realized it only takes about 5  minutes to make one of those hexies and if you did 1 a day you would have 365 hexies.... I should of been a math major.

So I am re-energizing myself and am going to try to do a hexie a day.  Let's start a new saying..... "A hexie a day, keeps the doctor away".  Well maybe it won't keep the doctor away but it will make you happy/smile when you have completed a whole hand sewn project!!

The diet.... I mean the hexies .... Starts tomorrow!!

Happy Sewing!!

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Stash Blasters was tonight!!!

I have to say again..... I am blessed to have such wonderful friends!!

This group was started several years ago by a quilt shop owner.... Idea was to use up your "stash".   After awhile they switched to Farmers Wife blocks.  When the quilt shop closed, these ladies didn't want the fun to end, so they started meeting at each other's houses.

I joined the group a few years ago and made 6 farmers wife blocks..... I think there is a total of 120... So I have a few more to go. (Actually I tried to sell mine tonight :).   but they already had completed the ones I did....I guess I will turn mine into a table runner or wall hanging).

This year we decided to try new techniques and we would take turns presenting one.

I volunteered for this month.... English paper piecing.  Why..... You ask.... 

At the beginning of this year I thought "I should hand sew for a little bit each day...." I will blog tomorrow on how that's working out.  

Focus....back to Stash Blasters....

We met at Pauline's house.  Her husband made potato soup and homemade biscuits for us!! 

I gave my demo.... I showed the Quilt Patis method.  I have had these since late 90's.....

Melly and I started a scrappy quilt and worked on them on and off for years..... Mined you, we were more off than on!!  Last year we decided to finish them....  

Here's melly 's ( I forgot to bring mine to always.... Best friend has your back).  

Then I demo'd the English paper piecing method.....I made a sample "flower" to show....  

I  gave the ladies a sample pack for them to try.  I "encouraged" them to have their flower done to show next month!!  Come on ladies.... You can do it!!  (Side note... Melly didn't take one.... So I told her I'd make hers..... I got her back!)

After the demo.... We had show-n-tell!!  That's the best part.... Well dessert is the best part... But show-n-tell is a close second!!

Lisa showed her hats that she's been making with a nifty knitter.  She is making them for charity and wants to make 100 herself!!  Hats off to you Lisa!!!!

Cheryl went next and showed her completed blocks of Bonnie Hunters Celtic Soltice mystery quilt.  She choose a different color combination.  I think this quilt will be stunning when it is completed!  

Cheryl also has a line of purse patterns and will be teaching a class at Super Stitch in North East, Pa.  

This is the purse for the class!

She also made a baby quilt for a present...

Next Noreen showed her table runner.  X & O's.  I really like it....great choice of colors!!!  

Marie showed this beautiful quilt top.  She is very creative and sews beautifully!!  

Pauline made two baby quilts to give to Melly's niece Sarah....Sarah is a senior and is working on her gold star award for Girl Scouts.  (More bragging to come on that !!)

Pauline also showed her progress on Celtic Soltice.  
I love all the different color combination we have for mystery quilt!!

Melly....believes in git-er-done!!  She showed her last blocks of the Farmers Wife!!  WTG Melly (btw.... I have 6 blocks for sale)

Lynda showed showed her progress of Celtic Soltice .  She turn her chevrons to make her blocks look a little different.  Love it !!!

Lynda also does Zen Tangles.. She is quite the artist and does beautiful works of art!!!

She made this quilt as a gift for someone who wanted a flag in grays .... The picture doesn't do it justice!!

Kris showed her little flying geese... She made it out of scraps someone gave her...very nice.... One quilters scraps is another quilters new finish project we drooled over !!

Debbie showed her sudoku quilt.  Love her color choices!  She is going to embroider numbers in each square... So clever .... Can't wait to see it finished!!

Last but not least!!!!!!   

Pauline's home made cherry pie!!!  


Can't wait til next month!!  ( maybe someone will buy my blocks)

Happy sewing!!!!!!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Liar liar pants are on fire....

I heard someone say that at work today.... And it reminded me of my last post.  I did not intentionally lie...... Just had what we all call a senior moment.... 

Remember that ant fabric

I stated that my best friend Melly gave me some for my Bonnie Hunter mystery quilts.  Well my bestest friend told me as only best friends can.... She didn't have that fabric.  We figured out that Bonnie had posted the ant fabric on her Well I knew I saw it somewhere and I knew it was associated with Bonnie Hunter!!

So I guess I will have to save it and give Melly some to use in our next Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt!   

Happy sewing!!

Monday, February 24, 2014

The mystery unveiled......

Boy work couldn't end soon enough!  Besides I had to beat my neighbor home (she reads my blog and she quilts).  

I was excited to see my "box".  Couldn't believe the postman STILL found room for bills.   

Just a side note...... I am so done with winter .... Little more snow today ...please let it end!! At least get warmer !!

My husband cut the tape on the box.....

Ready.... What's in the box.....

Here I am.... Happy girl with her new fabric.
(Check out my snowman motorcycle bikers quilt!!  Heidi gave me the pictures for Christmas one year and I made this quilt.  I LOVE the snowman bikers!!  Thanks again Heidi!!!!).  Ok focus... Back to box....

I pulled each one out for a "photo shoot", 

Wow.... What a different selection of patterns.... I liked them all... Mottled solids, florals, geometric and ANTS. 

 I love the ants.  Melly gave me some of her ant fabric to put in our last two Bonnie Hunter mystery quilts..... So I guess it's appropriate that I got it in my box!!

These are my 3 favorites.

I like this one the most.... Isn't it interesting!!!!!

So what to do, what to do with them..... My last two mystery boxes are still intact.... So I guess the mystery will 

I would love you to leave me a comment on what you would make with all these .... I could use some ideas!!

Hope you all got to see the Nightly News

After meeting her.... I'm sure those of us who saw the news agree with me ... It was like  watching an old friend!!  They even included the ladies from the retreat! 

Hope you all had a wonderful Monday.....mine was!!!!

Happy sewing.....

P/S.... If you have a Facebook account "like" my page and join the fun and post pictures of your projects!!  


Sunday, February 23, 2014

Can't wait til Monday.....

What???- your thinking.....someone actually excited about Monday?  

Well .... This Monday has a couple perks....

My mystery box is suppose to be delivered..... Can't wait to see what I get!!!   I will post pictures tomorrow.

The other item is NBC did some filming at the retreat with Jenny Doan.  It is suppose to air on the Nightly News.  All the ladies that stayed at Needle in a Haystack ( got a big extra!!  They will be on the news!!  

Too cool!!  

Hope everyone has a happy Monday!!  I know it will be a little hard to concentrate at work tomorrow!

Happy Sewing!

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Wow!! Was that a blast!!!

I can't  put in words how much fun Jenny Doan is in person!!!

Jenny and her daughter Natalie are so friendly and funny !!!

A big thank you to Judy Fenton and Meghan for bringing her to their retreat : Needle in a Haystack.  So jealous of the ladies that got to stay there with her!!  Glad she orgainized the trunk show at the Findley Lake Community Center for us to enjoy!!!

I felt like I had crawled through my computer and came out in YouTube .... Tutorial land !!   

One quilt after another with a little bit of explanation....

I want to make that one 

And that one

And that one.....

Then the moment came... Show is over and we got in line to meet her!!  Kris and I brought our Iron Quilter entries.... Would she sign them.... Would she like them???

I was first up and asked her to sign my quilt... I told her the name "Lovely Tutorial" and explained I used her tutorials to create the blocks.... She smiled and stood up, called Natalie over told her what I did and said "We need to get a picture of this". 

Let me tell you..... Boy did that make me feel good!!!   

I prob going to be smiling about that for awhile.  Poor Melly (and anybody who will listen to me) will be hearing this story!  

What's the best friend code..... You politely listen to the same story say 100 times before you say "HUSH UP"??

She called Natalie over again to get a picture of Kris's quilt.  She really seem to like them both!

Kris's quilt is so beautiful in person!!   I didn't get the bottom of her quilt - she appliquéd flowers. I can't believe she didn't make it to the finals!  But having Jenny see our quilts in person was better than winning!!

Jenny put up with us for a little bit longer and took a group picture with us!!

I feel so blessed to be surrounded by a great bunch of ladies who like to sew, giggle, and just have fun like I do!!!

This girl will be having sweet dreams tonight!!

P/S.... Next quilt.... Sailboat quilt... I have the same fabric they made theirs out if.... Tulia Pinks Salt Water line!!  Why didn't I get a picture it that one.... Lol

Happy Sewing!!!

Almost time....

7am.... On my way

Me and Melly.... Getting  closer...

Lisa, Noreen, Shelia, Kris, Diana.....waiting for doors to open!

Yeah we are in line!!

Here's Judy Fenton ... Always happy and doing what she loves!!

Our first glimpse of Jenny!!   Meghan (Judy's daughter), Jenny, Natalie (Jenny's daughter), Judy.   Wonder if they'd like to adopt me????   (Sorry mom)
Stay tuned.....