Sunday, May 31, 2015

What do you get when you add.....

6 women, several bags of Harley Shirts, and a really rainy Sunday......

Besides a great day of giggling and sharing.......(reveal at the end)

The six of us were women on a mission today!!!  When Carla asked for fund raising ideas at a LOH (Ladies of Harley) a few months back ..... I believe Jackie suggested making a quilt.   That idea took off!!!  

They contacted me, and I was all for it!!!  Carla and I figured we'd need about 6 people to make it happen.... That was easy..... Jackie, Valerie, Sandy, and Linda jumped right in to help.....

Ok.... We have a team.... But to make a T-shirt quilt we need shirts!  

Side note.... Erie's H.O.G. chapter is the most generous group of people I have ever met!!!  I've seen that group reach in their pockets and donate $300 in half hour for a good cause!!

 Carla announced the idea at our monthly meeting and asked members to donate old shirts.

Susan and Kelly Lapping, owners of the dealership, graciously donated a gift certificate so that for every shirt turned in they got a chance to win the gift certificate!  Susan and Kelly are so supportive of this group and are a great asset to the Erie area!

Before we knew it.....over 70 shirts were donated!!!!

So we started at 8am....
First up.... Rough cutting the shirts

Next up.... Ironing on the interfacing and then I squared them to 16"

I handed them off to Carla (left) and Linda (right) and they started laying them out on the design wall.

First goal..... Get them all to the final size before going to lunch.....goal met!!!  We went to lunch around 1 - it actually stopped raining long enough for us to get to the restaurant and back!!  Thank you Mother Nature.     
(L-R: Carla, Linda, Valerie, me, Jackie, Sandy)

We had lunch and giggled more!  It was so nice to sit and share with these ladies!!!  But .... What goes on at the Studio.... Stays at the Studio. But if you ever get the chance ask Carla how her and husband got together's a great story!! 

The funniest part of the lunch was we realized that our husbands all go to lunch together a few times a week at this restaurant....I know we have more fun at lunch than they do! Great guys but as we talked about them it's funny how we did our imitations of our spouses.... But again what goes on at lunch stays at lunch... Hehe

Ok back to work.....

In no time at all we had them all layed
Thumbs up but everyone.

Sandy and I took to sewing the quilt together while the others straighten up and got the remaing shirts in order for the next quilt!!

Before we knew it...we were down to the last seam. Carla and I helped guide this quilt so Sandy could sew. 

 Big quilt!!!

We all said.... Of course.... TA DA....

The proceeds of this effort will go to The Sisters of Saint Joseph's. 

Thanks ladies for a great day!!!  What an awesome team - one 110" x 110" quilt started at 8am and the above picture was taken before 5pm!!  I loved working with these ladies today!!  Beautiful inside and out!!!

I'm back home and going to work ony hexies for a little bit!

Happy Sewing!!



  1. Thank you so much Jill for your generosity and your friendship. I always have such a wonderful time with you. Working (if you want to call it work) on this project was a blast. I know this quilt profits goes to an amazing cause and it will keep someone really warm. I hope we get to do some personal quilting very soon. Thank you again. Valerie

  2. Beautiful! Shows what can be accomplished with team work.

  3. Great job Jill and friends. Also, great quilt.

  4. Great job ladies!!! Isn't the Studio a great place to work on quilts? All the quilting conveinences and fearless leader Jill!!!!