Thursday, May 28, 2015

Remember the whole one a day ....

I remember..... Wasn't I going to make one hexie s day -which ends up being 1 "flower" a week..... One year.... A boat load of hexie flowers..... AGAIN.... Kids stay in school and learn your math....  You will need to learn the sewing equivalent of a "boat load"!!

Anyways..... If I felt like looking I believe I would find about 4-5 months worth of hexie flowers.  But if I take time to look.... I'll find something else I miss placed and not come up with a single flower..... So I decided my time would be better spent kicking out this quick blog and creating more hexies!!

I have some triangle paper to English paper piece but I'm really trying not to start a new project!!

But I got this great book from my secret pal last year..... Cheryl was a great secret pal!!!  I got all sorts of neat stuff!!!  One of my favorites besides this book.....

    Was my Harley Build A Bear.... Complete with his own motorcycle!!!

   Just have to add.... I knew exactly where those two items were.... Now if I could only find my wool appliqué blocks....maybe I should look for my hexie flowers..... Lol

Ok.... Back to my hexies.... I have some catching up to do!!

Happy Sewing!!


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  1. That's funny, Jill. Diana and I have picked up our hexie projects again, too.