Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Privileges of having a Bestie........

I hope everyone has a Bestie...but ya can't have mine!

My best friend Melody is a true godsend.  She is the one who talks me off the ledge, understands what I'm saying when I don't, she drives over to my studio to pick something up and I don't have it at the studio. Does she complain, does she look angry, no she just smiles, we laugh and away she goes! Side note:I did find the item at my house, and I did get it to her through my husband then through her daughter LOL. 

 None the less -  it did get delivered LOL but not as easy as it would have been if I would of just remembered to throw it in my bag (which I thought I had done)  LOL.

 She is caring, she shares, she has a beautiful heart and I could go on and on....but I'm sure by now I won't be able to "live" with her anymore because her head is probably to big to get through the door.

I do have to note, that having a Bestie doesn't mean that it's a one way street.... You need to be a bestie back!!  That is the beauty of this friendship....we both care and give whenever the other needs it!!   Who else but a bestie would drive to Baltimore and back to help her daughter pick up a pinball machine??

I do my share of lending my ear when she needs it ..... Actually we are both very guilty of long venting sessions that we both just listen to the other and say "yup,  ah huh, oh my etc".

We both agree with each other when we just NEED someone to agree with us.  But we can be very honest and bring the other back to reality!!   Some of us need to be brought back into reality more than others.......

We decided that we would not go as far as to give each other the shirt off our backs...... because nobody wants to see either one of us walking around without a shirt LOL. But we will freely give each other fabric that is needed from our stash to complete a project!!

Being a bestie gives you the privilege to share your world with someone who's got your back!  Sometimes (hopefully not often) it's sharing the bad/hardships of life but mostly it's sharing all the good of your life with them!!   

One of our traditions is to sew on Memorial Day!  This year we were women on a mission..... I got two of her quilts quilted this weekend.  

She had two small projects she wanted to get quilted but didn't want to do them on her domestic machine. So we loaded them up on the long arm and with a few instructions away she went! 

After we were done downstairs, we headed to the classroom.  My friend Sandy Rosenthal designed a row for me to use in this years Row By Row Experience.  Time to test cut and sew a sample!!  

 I cut a kit and then sub cut the pieces and Melly sewed the pieces!!  We did lots of math yesterday..... Side note: "Stay in school kids.... You WILL use/need those math skills more than you will ever know!!!!"

Once that was completed we moved on to me helping her with piecing her backs so that her longarmer (me) won't be mad cuz it's too small again!  But I don't get mad...I, like her, just smile, laugh, and move on. 

Shew .... Great day with lots accomplished!!

Here's to all the Besties out there!!!!  

True definition of a Bestie.....When you can roll your eyes at your bestie in front of them and they don't get mad....they laugh because they just realized what just came out of their mouth deserved an eye rolling!!  We both have done that to each other!!!   

Happy Sewing!



  1. Two great friends to each other and to others also....

  2. Thank you Bestie! Reading this required 2 hankies!! YOU are the best.