Sunday, May 17, 2015

Last morning

Wow has time flew!!!

I can't remember when I laughed so hard!!  I know where I get a lot of my personality..... My mother is a hoot!! But I have to add.... The rest of these ladies are right up there!!!

It's the subtle humor..... Wait there's not subtle about any of us.... I change that to:   

It's the quick wit....there isn't a one of us that doesn't take the opportunity to throw a funny at the drop of a hat!!!

To many to list and we usually go on the saying..... "What's goes on at Turtlerock, Stays at Turtlerock!!" 

Well not all.... I do like to share.... Hehe

Listening to everyone tell stories from the past is always good for a laugh!!  Especially when my mom and aunt look at each other start laughing and we have to wait til they can either speak or the run to bathroom first before they finish the story!!

Melody and Heidi are definitely  related.... Their quick wit CRACKS me up!!!   We did find out this weekend that Heidi can write lyrics - to my mom's cell phone alarm tone (she sets it to remind her to take her pills)

Myra is the most reserved out of our group.... But she holds her own .... Actually I think she just can't get a word in, so we think she's quiet! 

  When we were riding back from Eden Sewing Center I noticed Myra wasn't talking....Was something wrong I wondered..... Then I realized the three (Melody, Heidi, and I) of us hadn't stopped talking long enough for her to get a word in!!

But it's the sharing that is so genuine!!!  If you just mention something you need.... We all (without thinking) start working on a solution..... Do we have something they could use- fabric from our projects we brought/thread color we have/sissies/tape measure/interfacing etc... Do they need our help (we just stop what we are working on to help!! .... Or do they just need us to listen and nod our heads in agreement (whether we do or not).   We are there for each other and we can count on that!!!  

One of my favorite observations is thinking wow we are all talking a lot only to realize we are ALL talking to ourselves!!!

Amongst all the eating and laughing we do get things accomplished.... Although there is not quota we need to meet!!! 

I got my sailboat done..... Ready to add last border (left fabric at home)

I also got to work on a kit Myra and I bought circa 2013....

And I am currently adding piano key borders to a quilt I worked on last time...

Heidi got this altogether 

Wow.... Is all I can say!!!

Melody worked on last years Row by Row Experience....

Can't wait to see this completed!!!

Aunt Martha put this quilt together....

Mom is still plugging along on Roll Roll Cotton Boll!!!   And along with working on our kit, Myra put the borders on the coin quilt and got the binding completely sewn on the other quilt.


There were enough memories to get us through til October.... When we meet again!!!

Happy Sewing!


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