Friday, May 15, 2015

Day 2 of Retreat

Having a great time and getting lots done!!!  

Got my Tree done so it's ready to quilt!!!   Didn't call it a Christmas Tree cuz I'm going to decorate for each season!!  My bestie, Melody is in charge of the decorations!!

Up next for me..... I have been designing a quilt in my head..... I am making this quilt for Sammy..... She is a sweetheart and is very thoughtful!!!   She is out waitress at our favorite restaurant.

My hubby and I are creatures of habit and we just have to walk in and pretty much nod at Sammy and she brings us our beverages and meals!   

She also listens to us.... Poor girl.... Lol.  But always a smile.... Well for the most part.... Hehe.  After all she does have to wait on us and my hubby thinks he's funny ALL the time.

One day she got a call from a friend who had some things from a family member who past away.....they offered Sammy some of the belongings.  While she was there, Sammy thought of me and gave me some quilting items!!!

Between that, graduating from college, and putting up with us over the last few years.....this girl is getting a quilt!!!

So I gathered up my fabric of her favorite colors and began the process of creating a modern type quilt.

I sorted through, pulled out strips and went to work ......

I got excited and started sewing pieces together.

I didn't plan one bit of this quilt and maybe when you see the end result you will say "that was obvious". I hope not.... But I will blame it on starting it late at night and going to bed late!!

I will say when I went to bed last night with a smile and couldn't stop thinking about what I was going to add next!!

My goal was to have the top done before it was time to make dinner.....just a few more areas to fill in!!

Ta Da!!!!!

Can't wait to get this quilted!!!  This process was so much fun and I really enjoyed every minute of this process!!  I only matched one seam because I choose to plan it that way.... 

Ok I'm not the only one making progress!!  More on that later.....I'm going to try to do the normal posting and praying my blog, twitter feed, and Facebook will talk again!!!!!   I bet I spent close to 2 hours messing with that.... AND there's sewing to do!!!!

Happy sewing!!


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