Friday, July 3, 2015

Take time to smell the roses or....

I guess in this case:  take time to pick the berries!!

I was reading Bonnie Hunter's blog.....

Side note..... If you aren't a Quiltvillle fan or haven't experienced it.... Go check it out and see what the other 67 thousand plus people love!!  Bonnie is a phenomenal speaker and teacher!!  (And duet singer.... But what goes on in the Studio.... Stays in the Studio.... Hehe)

Ok back to the post 

She was posting yesterday about her day up in the Blue Ridge Mountains.... I love being outdoors and decided to take my dog for a walk.  

On my walk I discovered a black berry bush and remembered  I have one in my back yard!!

Upon returning I grabbed a bowl and wet grass and all wondered my yard!!

Not quite ready... Keep looking 

Jackpot.... As I looked around they were everywhere!!

I picked as much as I could eat throughput today besides I heard some birds squawking and figured I was ruining their gourmet dinner plans!!


Since I hadn't been in the back yard lately, I decided to take the long way back to the house....  Which is an extra 100 steps or so.... But whose counting.

My Day Lilies are in bloom!!

I love these little beauties!

Same with these!!

My back yard brings me peace and reminds me to stop and smell the roses or whatever you have growing!!

Then it's time to get silly.....

My dog butt coat hangers are still making me laugh!!

Life's to short....I try hard to enjoy each moment!!!

Happy sewing!!!


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